As a Disaster Recovery professional, who has been in the Business Continuity industry for the past 24 years, you come across a product or technology that’s a real game changer every now and then. Let me tell you, that is exactly what Veeam is to the Virtual Server world, a major league game changer.

15 years ago when someone spoke of requiring HA or needed immediate recovery of their Intel server environment, there was one path and that was primarily Double-Take. Today the highway leads to Veeam for its versatility and functionality, not to mention ease of use. As one of their tag line references: “It just works”, and that’s exactly what we have witnessed time after time with our various customers.

As a software technology built from the ground-up for the Virtual Server world, Veeam is robust enough to handle just about anything you can throw at it and still gets the data backup and replication job done. Its ease of use coupled with its Cloud Connect feature can have you backing-up locally and replicating data to any number of Veeam Cloud Connect host partners at a DC location and price point of your choosing in no time.  You can even find Veeam Cloud Connect partners who already have the recovery and server infrastructure in place so you can have a complete and affordable recovery solution that goes well beyond pushing data to the cloud.  Now that is exactly what intrigued me, a real recovery solution that’s testable and takes care of your critical virtual system environment when disaster strikes.

Reach out to your peers and friends in the industry and you will see why Veeam now has over 155,000 customers protecting over 9.1 Million VMs.

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