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Converge Enterprise Cloud delivers resiliency options for all major technology platforms, including IBM Mainframe, IBM Power, and all Open-Systems, and provides workgroup recovery positions for business recovery. Our unique pricing models, contractual flexibility, and solution scalability are unmatched in the industry.

The Power of Cloud Resiliency

We deliver managed cloud services and disaster recovery services that support your business across all platforms — including public cloud, private cloud, and on premise traditional data center environments. Converge Enterprise Cloud specializes in IBM iSeries/AIX hosting, backup and recovery solutions.

The Converge Enterprise Cloud team develops, implements, hosts, and manages data availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM Power Systems and all other platforms.

Converge Enterprise Cloud provides a full range of resiliency solutions including cloud recovery, data protection, business resiliency, and continuity consulting services.

A few things we’re great at

Converge Enterprise Cloud delivers resiliency options for all major technology platforms, including IBM Mainframe, IBM Power, and all Open-Systems and provides workgroup recovery locations for business recovery. Our unique pricing models, contractual flexibility, and solution scalability are unmatched in the industry.

Infrastructure as a Service

Leverage our SOC 2 facilities to run the production environment and eliminate customers’ datacenter costs and maintenance.

Managed Services

Customizable SLAs for all data backup, replication, and production needs in the cloud. 

Backup as a Service

Backup business critical data and to ensure customers’ operations and day-to-day business practices go undisturbed.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery and services enable our customers to develop, implement, and test their business recovery strategy.

Rack Space as a Service (COLO/Critical)

Flexible plans to host your racked equipment in Converge Enterprise Cloud data centers.

Continuity Consulting

Plan your business continuity strategy with Converge Enterprise Cloud experts to keep your business running smoothly.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients say:

The entire Converge team was extremely helpful and responded to every request above and beyond what was requested. Great team and would recommend Converge highly.
Mark Gilliam

Ingram Entertainment

Many thanks to the staff at
Converge Enterprise Cloud. The level of professionalism and the expertise of the staff greatly contributed to a highly successful Disaster Recovery test.
Bob Hillhouse

University of Tennessee at Knoxville

The Converge team, Byron, Ron, Mike exceeded all expectations and were committed to the success of the State, DHS DR exercise/test.
Rick Fowler & Denise Singleton


This was the best DR exercise we have ever conducted. You provided world class support and have a fantastic technical staff. Jim Fennelly is an AIX guru and made the difference in our experience. I look forward to next year’s testing and working with Converge Enterprise Cloud.
Michael Kahly

Trident Technical College

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Latest News

The people who make up the Converge Enterprise Cloud team all possess deep industry knowledge, and they are eager to share what they’ve learned. Below is a living list of what they’ve published.

6 Shocking Statistics on Disaster Recovery

According to most experts, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created each day, and 90% of the data that exists in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. By the year 2020, it is estimated that 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.

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Do Not Let Good Replace Great

We get so focused on our daily accomplishments that we often forget to enjoy the small things around us. How many times have you ignored a conversation or an individual in your presence to accomplish something which you believe to be necessary or important? I know I’ve done it plenty of times.

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Having to Pay for Something You Don’t Think You Need- Until You Do!

I know it sounds cheesy, but no one likes to pay for insurance, myself included. A long time ago I was friends with a family that had 3 small children and was witness to their devastation when their house caught on fire due to a faulty outlet in the garage. My best friend was the sister of the gentleman that lost the majority of his important property.

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To Veeam or Not to Veeam

As a Disaster Recovery professional, who has been in the Business Continuity industry for the past 24 years, you come across a product or technology that’s a real game changer every now and then. Let me tell you, that is exactly what Veeam is to the Virtual Server world, a major league game changer. 15 years ago when someone spoke of requiring HA or needed immediate recovery of their Intel server environment, there was one path and that was primarily Double-Take.

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Flat Tire? Now What?

If you were to get a flat tire on your ride home from work today, what would you do?  Would you sit on the side of the road and wait for help, would you call a family member or AAA, or would you already be prepared and ready to solve the issue? The key factor is preparation.

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Disaster Recovery: To Test or Not to Test?

How do I test? Let me count the ways… When most customers think of a DR Test, their first thought seems to be, “We must test as if we are experiencing a disaster.” Although this approach is the most common, it is not necessarily the best.

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