We get so focused on our daily accomplishments that we often forget to enjoy the small things around us. How many times have you ignored a conversation or an individual in your presence to accomplish something which you believe to be necessary or important? I know I’ve done it plenty of times.

Despite having 3 amazing kids, I often find myself focusing on what needs to be done and not enjoying what is going on around me. One morning last week, my wife took our two little ones to daycare on her way to work, so I was home alone with our 1st grader. We had 45 minutes before the bus would come, and I was thinking about what I could accomplish on my computer for work and what house chores I could knock out before it arrived. Then my son said “Dad, let’s go get breakfast before school.” Immediately I wrote off the idea, “There is too much to do.” I thought. Well, in a persistent way, my son asked the same question again and I listened to him and started thinking about it. The dirty dishes would not mind if I did them later, I was about to spent nearly 9 hours doing work “stuff,” and my son wanted  just 45 minutes of my time. We went and had an enjoyable bagel and cinnamon roll while talking about his school and just enjoyed being together. It was GREAT!

While accomplishing the dishes or laundry or that proposal for work would have been good to do, I would have missed a Great opportunity with my son to have a quiet breakfast with just us. These are the moments that we often overlook in our busy day to day lives. Please take a moment each day to enjoy the Great opportunities that are right in front of you.